Where to download the lastest version?

You can click this link to download.

How to use this software?

If you want to download albums without logon, you can learn from this tutorial. If you want to use the auto-detect-ID feature, you can learn form this tutorial.

What is Auto-Detect-ID feature?

When you browsing webpage, the user IDs in current page will be collected and list in software dropbox. You can select a ID and add it to download edit box.

Why the software show Error:empty album. Please retry?

1. Because of tumblr’s new safe-mode. If you are not in login status, safe-mode is enabled by default. So you should sign in, disable safe-mode in account settings. Then you can sign in your tumblr account in the software web tab, and download the album. See detailed guideline.

2. Because of European privacy law. Cookie consent must be enabled in tumblr privacy settings.