How to register?

Step 1: Open the ‘Order’ page link

Step 2: Click ‘Checkout’ button of the software you want to buy.

There are two software button listed in the page. Choose one you want to buy, and click the ‘Checkout’ button.

Step 3: Fill your checkout information in the checkout page.

We use third-party checkout store for the paying process. It’s safe and convinient.

Step 4: Wait for your registration confirmation email.

After checkout, there will a confirmation email sending to your email box. Please check your trash directory if you have waiting for a long time.

Step 5: Fill your registration code in the software.

Start the software, Click ‘Registration’ menu. Fill your registration information in the popup dialog. NOTE: please fill with your EMAIL, not username in the first edit box.The email address is case sensitile, please check it’s exactly the same as in your order.

Step 6: Close the software, then reopen it. Start to use the registed version.

Step 7: If still have trouble, please try to login as Administrator account.