IMPORTANT (MUST READ): How to disable tumblr safe-mode in account settings?

For European users: Cookie consent must be enabled in privacy settings of your tumblr account.

Tumblr Photo Downloader v3.2 (20180722)

  • Bugfix: Fix blog parsing issue.
  • Feature: Upgrade to Qt5.9.6

Tumblr Photo Downloader v3.1 (20180420)

  • Feature: Upgrade to Qt5.9.5

Tumblr Photo Downloader v3.0 (20180410)

  • Feature: Upgrade to Qt5.9.4
  • Feature: Upgrade to Chromium latest version
  • Feature: win10 hdpi support
  • Feature: download inline images
  • bugfix: download history not saved

Tumblr Photo Downloader v2.14

  • Bug fix: Photo corrupt problem.
  • Bug fix: Ignore plain text pages. Don’t retry to download.
  • Bug fix: “Redirection” in detected IDs.
  • Feature: Download photos and videos of safe-mode tumblr.

Tumblr Photo Downloader v2.13

  • Download both photos and videos.
  • Browser integrated.
  • Auto detect tumblr ID while browsing tumblr page.
  • Downloaded media is named with tumblr post description.